March 23, 2016

A Smart Investment – The Liberal Arts & Sciences


Practical Benefits

Beyond its intrinsic value, a Christ-centered liberal arts and sciences education from Pacifica also offers several practical benefits. Having been properly trained, graduates will, over their lifetimes, be well positioned for faithful service at home, at church, in the marketplace, and in the wider world. A Christ-centered liberal arts education offers numerous benefits a generalized or technical training cannot, such as:

Highly marketable skills and leadership traits that perennially lead the list for prospective colleges and employers.  Pacifica graduates exhibit innovative and collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, persuasive oral communication, effective expository writing, and can read analytically.  Read more about why liberal arts graduates are in demand in today’s marketplace as described by the President of Oregon State University in the Huffington Post, as well as the President of Smith College in the American Council on Education.

A strong foundation in moral virtue and ethical reasoning that builds character, fosters integrity, strengthens relationships, promotes stewardship, and earns respect in society.  Learn about how virtue and ethical reasoning are cultivated through a liberal arts education as explained in the Washington Post.

A breadth of preparation giving graduates the versatility to excel in a wide variety of callings over a lifetime of work and ministry.  It is worth noting that many of the jobs today’s students will have, because of technological innovation, have not even been invented yet! Read more about the breadth of preparation provided by the liberal arts as described by a columnist from the Washington Post. Or, why the marketplace needs more STEM majors with liberal arts training by associate professor of chemistry at Rhodes College in Memphis.

Whole-person development enabling graduates to live more meaningful lives and maximize their God-given talents.  This creates exceptional leaders who think and live well at home, at church, in the marketplace, and in the wider world. View a study that traces characteristics of a successful life to a liberal arts education.

Superior academic preparation that equips students to flourish on the college campus, in and out of the classroom. Pacifica teachers are content experts in their fields, as well as experienced classroom instructors.  Pacifica offers a comprehensive academic program with a high degree of personal support. Pacifica students are challenged and encouraged to be their best, supported in that effort by a caring and competent faculty and staff.

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