November 17, 2015

A Strategic Vision for Pacifica

Pacifica 2018

On behalf of the Pacifica Christian High School community, it is our pleasure to introduce Pacifica 2018, Fortis Fundamentum—a strategic vision for Pacifica Christian. We believe thoughtful planning, careful execution, and intentional resource development are critical to any non-profit, and we take these very seriously at Pacifica.

At this exciting time in the school’s history, Pacifica must be a highly nimble, sharply focused, student-first institution.  We seek to offer our students a comprehensive, Christian, college-preparatory education. We are confident that executing this three-year strategic plan will allow Pacifica to provide students with a preeminent education that prepares them to think and live well.

Pacifica 2018 includes seven key goals with corresponding initiatives that will guide the Board of Trustees and Administration in successfully developing the school during its founding years.

In the coming months and years, Pacifica’s Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, parents, and supporters will all work together to grow the school and ensure it has a strong foundation for the future.

Join us in giving thanks for God’s continued provision for Pacifica.  We ask you to join with us in prayer as we move our beloved school forward.


David O’Neil
Head of School
Keith Carlson
Board Chairman



7 Key Goals of Pacifica 2018



GOAL:  Faithfully and consistently teach, convey, enrich, and celebrate Pacifica’s purpose, mission, and vision with all Pacifica stakeholders—students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and supporters. Read Initiatives for Goal I


GOAL: Fully engage and challenge students with a school program that meaningfully integrates the Christian faith and provides our graduates with a foundation for success in college, life, work, and faith. Read Initiatives for Goal II


GOAL: Recruit, retain, and train students from all neighborhoods who seek to have the highest standards of character, academic aptitude and skill, emotional health, and a desire for the distinctive community provided by the Pacifica program. Attract, reward, and encourage dedicated teachers and staff who embody our purpose, mission, and vision. Read Initiatives for Goal III


GOAL: Cultivate a community that encourages and develops students into whole people while providing opportunities for academic, co-curricular, personal, and spiritual development for students and the broader community. Read Initiatives for Goal IV


GOAL: To maintain and increase the school’s campus as school growth requires and is capable of supporting and enhancing all aspects of the Pacifica program. Read Initiatives for Goal V


GOAL: Develop a long-range financial plan that broadens the school’s financial support base, prepare for a capital campaign for future facilities, and establish an endowment for financial assistance.  Increase the percentage of operational costs paid for by tuition dollars and decrease the amount needed from donors. Read Initiatives for Goal VI


GOAL: Strengthen and grow the Board of Trustees and its committees to successfully implement each initiative of the Strategic Plan. Read Initiatives for Goal VII



Download Pacifica 2018

Click here to download a printable version of the strategic vision for Pacifica. The full-color document includes descriptions for each of the school’s seven key goals with corresponding initiatives to ensure each goal is achieved.

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