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Stories of Transformation

Every Triton has a story.

A teacher who inspired them to explore their passion. A friend who said that encouraging word when they really needed it. A life-changing experience abroad that forever altered how they view the world. A shared goal that a team reached together. Each of these stories capture facets of what it truly means to be a Triton.

Pacifica Is

See what Pacifica means to our students.

Solomon, Class of 2019

Restorative Power of Joy

Allyson, Class of 2020

Moving Towards Joy


Stories of Transformation

The Pacifica Community

We Are Pacifica

Karen, Class of 2018

The Joy I Have Found

2017 All-School Retreat


When you step onto the Pacifica campus, you are instantly welcomed by people who want to know the real you. You can have deep and meaningful conversations with everyone and know that you are being heard. Being at Pacifica has changed my life and made me feel wanted and heard.

My experience at Pacifica has been amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Pacifica has helped me discover who I am, and there is so much support from teachers and students. I really feel wanted here and love how the teachers are close and able to help when needed.

The process of choosing what high school to go to felt so huge, but I could not have made a better decision in choosing Pacifica.

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