March 3, 2017

Arts Student Spotlight – Zeke Gremillion


By Sydney Penticuff, VPA Prefect

At Pacifica Christian High School, students have the wonderful opportunity to enroll in a fine arts morning art class that allows them to exercise their creativity alongside their classmates. For our next Student Spotlight, we have chosen Zeke Gremillion, a founding sophomore who is involved in Pacifica’s fine arts program in drawing and painting.

How have you been involved in Pacifica’s visual arts this year?

This year, I have had the amazing opportunity to be involved in the arts at Pacifica. I have taken both the Drawing and Painting classes in the mornings this year, and have submitted my works to the art gallery we had.

What is it like to learn about art and paint/draw alongside your peers?  What is your favorite part of the class?

I would say that the experience of the drawing and painting classes I have had is a really special one. Not only did I get to improve my own skills and share that with my friends, I also had the opportunity to watch as my friends grew in their own skills and be involved in sparking my friends interest in the arts was an incredible experience. My favorite part of the class by far was being able to start each morning off doing what I love. The sheer time I spent each morning drawing and painting alone improved my skills so much and made these classes a time I will forever cherish.

Do you prefer drawing or painting?  Why?Zeke Arts

This is a question I come up with in my own mind quite a lot and honestly, I cannot choose.  With drawing, what I enjoy is the relaxing and cathartic process of creating each piece; with the process of drawing being somewhat simpler than painting. I find the whole experience one that brings me relief and it is a time where I do not have to think and can thoroughly enjoy myself. I greatly enjoy the process of painting, but for a different reason. Rendering an image or concept with paints is so different and much more involved than drawing. Having to mix each color by hand as well as take the time in between the choose new brushes is very involved. But what is invigorating about painting is what it allows you to do; the realm of possibilities that exist in painting is so expansive and it is extremely exciting to create each and every new painting.

What do you enjoy most about the Pacifica arts and why?

What I enjoy most about the arts here at Pacifica is that I have the opportunity to be well versed and do everything I am interested in.  I love that in the wake of rigorous academics and busy sports schedules that I get to come back every morning, sit down, and do what I love and what makes me be me.

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