November 16, 2022

Chapman University President Speaks to Pacifica Students About the Value of Latin & Classical Studies

On Tuesday, November 15, Pacifica welcomed Chapman University President, and Pacifica parent, Dr. Daniele Struppa for a lecture on Why Latin & Classical Studies?

Struppa, the Donald Bren Presidential Chair in Mathematics, invited students to discover how studying Latin can enhance their skills across all career paths, specifically those in STEM. He left them with a challenge, encouraging them to consider how their academic pursuits are strengthening their minds and helping them develop discipline.

“You can find the answer to any question [on your phones], but that’s not what’s going to make you different. That’s not what’s going to make you the intellectual that every society needs. It’s your ability to see beyond the surface. What your teacher is trying to do with you when they teach you Latin, math, philosophy, or literature, they’re teaching you to see beyond what is visible.”
-Dr. Daniele Struppa

We invite you to watch Dr. Struppa’s lecture here.

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