January 7, 2016

Get your Tickets for “Once in a Lifetime”

On February 5-6, Pacifica Christian’s Visual and Performing Arts presents, Once in a Lifetime.

A knockabout satiric tale of three on-the-skids vaudeville troupers Jerry, Mae, and George, who decide to head for Hollywood and try their luck at the newest craze: “talkies”.  After a hilarious series of consistent blunders, the unassuming George is carried to fame and fortune becoming (for a short time, at least) a captain of The Industry.  This fast-paced, wild romp offers marvelous character opportunities while spoofing the absurdities of Tinsel Town.


Come view a collection of student’s photography-themed personal reflections.


  • (Sold Out) Friday, February 5 • 6:30 pm gallery opens, 7:30 pm show begins
  • Saturday, February 6 • 1:30 pm gallery opens, 2:30 pm show begins
  • Saturday, February 6 • 6:30 pm gallery opens, 7:30 pm show begins


$10 General / $5 Students / $5 Children (under 10)
Reserve your tickets online through the Pacifica Box Office >>


The Attic Community Theater

2834 South Fairview Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704


Kieran Ahn, Jessica Beers, Corrinne Carlson, Spencer Ewanick, Bailey Evans, Bradley den Dulk, Madeleine Gates, Olivia Garcia, Zeke Gremillion, Isabel Hadley, Emma Hammond, Jackson Hilbert, Makena Houston, Nick Kutscher, Tate McCardle, Lindsay Mull, Karen Munoz, Natalie Nootenboom, Sydney Penticuff, Luke Spicer, Amanda Moe


Directed by Leslee Myers, Student Director Joanna Diaz

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