February 15, 2020

Hike for Hope – Join the Movement

Originally posted February 15, 2020

In Nepal, girls are often coerced into traveling across the border to India alone. They’re told that a better future awaits them; provision for their families and a realization of dreams. Nothing could be further than the truth. On the other side, traffickers are waiting to take them and sell them into the sex trade. Border patrol stations allow us to stop this before it happens. Operated by “Daughters” who have themselves been rescued from this industry; they make it their mission to inform and save these susceptible girls. At the border, they are counseled and offered safe housing. 

On March 25th, Pacifica will enter into this narrative. Embracing our ‘culture of shared life in community, acting with conviction and courage‘, we are going to do something to end this horrendous cycle of evil. Our goal is to engage the entire Pacifica Community, as well as family and friends, to hike 5 miles of the El Moro trail, with a goal of raising $28,000 to fund 1 year of border patrol operation. Every $215 literally provides rescue for one of these girls.

Be part of ending human trafficking and changing lives, by joining or donating to the Pacifica’s Hike for Hope! Follow the steps below to sign up: 
1. Visit this link – http://venturemiles.org/myvm/pacifica
2. Scroll down and click on “Join as an Individual” 
3. Fill out remaining information
4. Click “Save and Publish” 
5. Send your page to friends and family!

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