Academic Advising

Equipping the Pacifica Person

The Academic Departments strive to meet each student’s unique academic needs. We support each student where they are, helping each one improve, whether that be making the jump from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ or learning what it takes to produce high quality work and change a ‘B’ to an ‘A’

Study Halls

Every student is assigned to a study hall class in which they have a block of time to complete school work, meet with available teachers, or get help from their peers. This built-in study time instills effective time management skills, assisting them to learn how to use their time wisely.

Four-Year Planning

With our administrative team’s help, every student creates a personalized four-year plan during their freshmen year. We then revisit their plan on a yearly basis, ensuring that our students are continuing to reach their goals. We guide students as they select courses, co-curricular activities, internships, summer programs, and volunteer opportunities that align with their strengths, personal goals, and college aspirations.

Teacher Office Hours

Pacifica teachers are accessible. Each week, our teachers devote their time to set office hours. Students can take advantage of meeting with any of their teachers one-on-one on a weekly basis.

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