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Thinking and Living Well is formed in practice

Pacifica’s unique approach to teaching and learning is grounded in these five beliefs:

1. The Liberal Arts & Sciences cultivates human flourishing

Liberal arts prepares the whole person for all of life. It teaches not just “what” to think, but also “how” to think. Having been properly trained, graduates will, over their lifetimes, be well positioned for faithful service at home, at church, in the marketplace, and in the wider world.

2. Relationships anchor formation

Relationships are central to a Pacifica education. Students learn the abundant and joyful life is marked by giving and receiving grace in community.

At Pacifica, we know each other well, and are known. In community we learn, grow in faith, attend games and art exhibits, and live life together. These experiences allow personal growth as students begin to share their virtue with the larger world.

3. Curiosity drives conversation

Curiosity is the desire to know before we are sure what we seek and is the beginning of all great adventures. Inspired this way, the mind jumps at the opportunity of finding the truth. Friendships form as seekers gather, courageous and hopeful to find. At Pacifica, curiosity means belonging and togetherness in the earnest journey to believe truth, do good, and behold beauty.

4. Education is fulfilled in service

A Christian Liberal Arts education frees students to live lives of self-giving service to others. It is not enough to learn information. Thinking and living well requires knowledge of the world and formation in the practice of hospitality: using one’s gifts for the good of others in all areas of life.

5. Learning blooms in connected and dynamic spaces

Learning blooms at Pacifica by connecting technology and the best proven instructional methodologies and curriculum with a space that encourages active participation and engagement with other students, faculty, and the entire school program.

Explore The Pacifica Continuum

Learning to think and live well is a life-long journey. By approaching education as a joy-instilling, freedom-producing adventure, we provide our graduates with a foundation for success in college, life, work, and faith. We call this journey the Pacifica Continuum.

A Connected Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary approach deepens each student’s familiarity with the material and creates a broad context for learning. In addition, it brings faculty together in a collaborative process whereby teachers understand and know the breadth and depth of a student’s education.

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