Jordan Dobbins


Jordan Dobbins was born and raised in the North of England, growing up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He is excited about Christian education; helping children and young adults to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them through teaching that is grounded in and aided by Christ.

Jordan graduated from the University of Liverpool, earning a first-class BA (Hons) degree in English Literature. He graduated top of the School of the Arts and his main interests included Anglo-American Modernism and post-1930 British and American poetry. His dissertation focused on the use of Christological imagery in the modernist author Ford Madox Ford’s work.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Jordan began teaching high school students Maths and English at an alternative educational facility in Liverpool. During this time he coordinated the Maths department.

Soon afterwards, Jordan studied English Literature at the University of Oxford, Wolfson College, completing his Master of Studies in English, 1900 – Present Day. The syllabus covered key critical discourse on the aesthetic and cultural manifestations of the twentieth century.

At Pacifica, Jordan is excited to show young adults the beautiful complexity of the English language, and how the great minds of the Western Tradition have used it to convey thoughts and emotions with such clarity as to allow us to consider our own humanity, and the humanity of those around us, with greater acuity. He believes reading is not, as some might assume, a passive act but a combative one by which generations upon generations have battled for (and with) truth. An integration of faith and learning at the deepest level is the only way, by God’s grace, that we can bravely, and safely, step into this arena and come out the better for it on the other side. Jordan wants to help teenagers to start this lifelong adventure well, instilling a love of art and pointing hearts and minds toward the person of Christ, through whom and for whom these things of earth have been created. To his mind, there are few things as important or exciting.

In his spare time you might find Jordan reading, trying to learn Latin, playing the piano or getting the lyrics wrong to about every song he ever tries to sing along with.


B.A. (1st Class Honors.) in English Literature – University of Liverpool
M.St. English Literature (1900-Present Day) – Oxford University

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