Rachel Smith

Rachael Smith


Rachael Smith’s life and passion is for the holistic education of all students. Miss Smith attended Biola University where she studied in the fields of Education and the Bible. She also attended the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University where she studied the Great Books from Homer to Lewis in the Socratic method of reading and discussion that pursued the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. It was during this time that Miss Smith fell in love with the work of educating young students across all subject areas, especially that of Mathematics. She was admitted into Biola’s honors society, graduated Summa cum laude, and received the highest honors from the Torrey Honors Institute.

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Miss Smith continued immediately with her studies, pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching and her teaching credential. She took a teaching position at a school in Long Beach, where she remained for two years. In May 2019, Miss Smith graduated with her Masters of Arts in Teaching with highest honors.

Miss Smith grew up loving Math, but it was not until high school that she discovered the objective beauty of the subject. In seeing the Fibonacci sequence and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Miss Smith discovered the perfect way in which even our system of numbers reflects truth, order, and creation, thus leading to the discovery of an objectively true beauty. She believes that not only is Math necessary for success in today’s technological economy, but moreover that the recognition of its beauty and application can lead to a lifelong pursuit of what is good. Although she knows math is a topic that often takes more time and effort to appreciate, Miss Smith seeks to instill a deep aesthetic and academic knowledge of mathematics in the students of Pacifica.

Miss Smith is actively involved in St. Matthew’s Church in Newport Beach, and spends much of her time working to serve that community. She also enjoys visiting the beach, exploring new areas of Orange County, and reading some of her old favorites from Torrey. Currently, Miss Smith is also pursuing a Master of Theological Studies degree from Regent University.

M.T.S., Regent School of Divinity (currently in progress)
M.A. Teaching, Biola University
License, California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
Diploma, Highest Honors, Torrey Honors Institute
B.A. Education; Biblical Studies Minor, Biola University

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