March 25, 2015

Pacifica Announces Mascot and Online Pro Shop

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A culture’s myths are not lies meant to replace truth.  Instead, myths illuminate truth; they connect abstract teachings to human reality. Fictional works often teach about reality better than non-fiction. At Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County, we seek to reveal truth to our students and to make it real in their lives. They study our natural world and our civilization’s rich history and culture to discover truth and beauty; all of which, if properly understood, point to God. Given our school’s proximity to the sea, our appreciation of our culture’s classic works, and our desire to find how all things can point back to their creator:  We Are The Tritons!

Why the Tritons?

Like apostle Paul in Acts 17, we want our students to be able to enter an arena—a church, a marketplace, an academy, anywhere—and be able to engage others with grace and truth.  We train Pacifica students to understand culture, to understand God, and to understand the connections between them.  What the Athenians “worshipped in ignorance,” Paul explained through the Scriptures–he knew their culture and God’s Word.  At Pacifica, teachers similarly enlighten students, removing ignorance, replacing it with truth.  Students begin to enjoy learning about all things.  They learn to defend truth and communicate it gracefully.  How would Paul have done this with the Greek’s mythical sea-creature Triton?  We think he’d remind his audience that the myth said Triton could control the seas.  From that myth, he might point them to a real person who could not only control the seas, but could also walk upon them.

We are Tritons because of where we live–our Orange County culture is tied to the surf and sea.  We play at the beach, we swim in the waves, and we surf and sail on the ocean, all while enjoying its beauty.  Not only do we live by the water, but we remember God teaching us about Himself by miraculously controlling water throughout Scripture:  creation, the flood, the Red Sea, in the desert rock, the Jordan crossing, Jonah, Jesus’ baptism, the wedding at Cana, the storms of Galilee, and on it goes.

Water is part of who we are, naturally, geographically, culturally, and scripturally.  And Triton was the king of the waters.  As Tritons, we appreciate our cultural heritage and Christians’ history of using such stories to share good news.  As Pacifica Tritons, we learn about God’s creation, our history, our culture, and God’s hand over it all.  Like Paul on Mars Hill, we have the courage both to think well and to live well.  We Are The Tritons!

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