September 14, 2016

Pacifica Announces New Director of Admissions and Marketing

Sarah ParsonsPacifica Christian High School-Orange County ( is pleased to announce the hiring of Sarah Parsons as the new Director of Admissions and Marketing. Mrs. Parsons will replace Theresa Rivas and Jana DeMots in this position as they move onto different roles at Pacifica.

For the past two years, Mrs. Rivas joyfully worked part-time to help Pacifica Christian open its doors and become a premier high school in Orange County. Initially, Theresa joined the administrative team taking on any and all tasks necessary to grow a school from just an idea to a reality. As needs grew, Theresa took over as the school’s first Director of Admissions, establishing all the processes needed to recruit, support, and enroll potential new students. Still working in a part-time capacity, Theresa was then joined by Jana DeMots to provide full-time coverage for the ever-increasing needs of the admissions office.

As the school nearly doubled in attendance over the summer, it became evident that our growing student body required a full-time Director of Admissions. While Mrs. Rivas would love to remain in that capacity–as this is literally her dream job–she has prayerfully considered what is best for her family in this season of life and decided that she is unable to accept full-time employment.

Therefore, effective September 12, Sarah Parsons has joined our team as the new full-time Director of Admissions & Marketing. Theresa will work alongside Sarah for several weeks, training her to ensure a smooth transition for our prospective families. We invite you to learn about Sarah here.

At the same time, Jana will take on her new role as Advancement Associate, supporting the Head of School with the advancement of Pacifica’s mission through the effective execution of the school’s strategic plan—Fortis Fundamentaum.

“We are incredibly grateful for Theresa’s tireless efforts, joyful attitude, and warm heart. Her work has built a strong foundation from which Pacifica can grow and flourish. We are equally grateful that God has brought Sarah to our team. She has a unique and intimate understanding of Pacifica’s mission and is well equipped to build strong relationships with our community and prospective students.” stated David O’Neil, Head of School.

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