October 19, 2015

Pacifica Christian Cross Country Team Shows well at Webb League Cluster

Pacifica XC

The Pacifica Christian Cross Country team recorded seven “Personal Record” (PR), two top 25 finishes, and a 10th place finish as they competed in the Webb School League Cluster on October 15th. Freshman Nicholas Kutcher led the charge for the boys, finishing 10th while setting a PR of 17:36 (less than a 6-minute mile). On the Girls side, Tatiana Valente finished 25th, with Karen Munoz and Daniella Manzanares having strong showings as well. Justin Nishkian, Luke Spicer, Evan Nordstrom, Tate McCardle, Davan Redfearn, and Robby O’Callaghan all set Personal Records. Well-done Tritons!

Our next meet is Friday, October 30th, where the Tritons will compete in the Apache Invite in Arcadia.

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