February 26, 2021

Pacifica Christian Plans for the Future

Pacifica Christian High School’s mission is to teach students to think and live well. At the heart of that mission is a deeply-held desire to help young people flourish in school and for all of life. Over the past five and a half years, we have built a strong foundation in support of this mission and now, as we look to the future, our focus shifts to strategically planning how best to grow the school in order to continue to increase our impact on the next generation.

The purpose of today’s email is to provide an update on the current state of our beloved school. Then next week, a second email will provide details about the construction progress at our new building and an update on our Building a Home Captial Campaign.

It is my sincere hope that you find these emails both encouraging and inspiring as you see how Pacifica is shaping the future of our students’ lives and Christian education in Orange County.

With gratitude,

David O’Neil
Head of School


In June 2020, we celebrated the many achievements of Pacifica 2019, Fortis Fundamentum—a strategic vision for founding Pacifica Christian. The plan’s seven key goals—with 44 corresponding initiatives—have led to the successful founding of a new educational resource for this community.

In this short time, Pacifica has become known as a Christ-centered, academically respected, deeply relational, educational community. What started with 49 students in 2015 has grown to maximum enrollment—with a waitlist. Last June, we celebrated our third graduating class of 40 students, sent out to impact where they live, work, and serve! Currently, nearly 100 Pacifica graduates are thriving at colleges and universities, and in meaningful work throughout our country.


At the foundation of the Pacifica experience is our unique curriculum and approach to learning taught by some of the finest educators in the country. Since its inception, this learning community has received accolades from accrediting boards and colleges alike for its ability to develop and shape learners for all of life. In year three, we further aligned our purpose, culture, practices, and outcomes through the Pacifica Continuum to ensure the continuity of a Pacifica education for generations to come.

During the early years, our educators created our curriculum, established academic standards and programs in every department, cultivated a rich and curious learning community, and prepared hundreds of teenagers for lives of meaning and purpose. All the while, they established The Great Conversation(TGC), Senior Projects, community service programs, International Travel Programs, the Prefect Board, and Associated Students in order to meaningfully and intentionally serve our broader community and equip young people for lives of service.


Inside and outside the classroom, the school has positioned itself as a cultivator of the arts and beauty. Working with amateur and accomplished artists alike to communicate the true, the good, and the beautiful through creative works and exhibitions. Pacifica faculty and artists have founded programs in theatre, fine art, and digital arts while competing in festivals, hosting art galleries and immersive experiences, and producing seven theatre productions, most notably Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Sondheim’s Into the Woods.


At the same time, the Tritons have been striving together towards greatness. Starting with its historic first practice in August of 2015, the Athletic Department has created a student-athlete experience that develops individuals, prepares them for success in life and in sport, provides for various levels of athletic participation, and gives each student an overall great experience. These four tenants have built Triton Nation–an athletic culture that positively impacts the lives of students and student-athletes alike. We are all Tritons! And, the Tritons have made waves in their first five years offering 19 varsity programs with 24 teams sending more than 30 teams into the postseason with 6 of them reaching the CIF Championships and state tournaments. More than 40 athletes have earned league and CIF honors and more than half of those now play at the collegiate level.


Unfortunately, we still find ourselves amid a global pandemic. Seeking wisdom and prudence, Pacifica is forging ahead to preserve the precious time we have with our students—for their good! For nearly one year, we have been reimagining a Pacifica education. We are one of few high schools in our state that held in-person graduation last June, returned to in-person learning this fall, and continue to seek creative opportunities for community building, artistic exhibition, and athletic competition.


We are deeply thankful for the success we have experienced these past five and a half years. This has been truly a community project and we are humbled by the thousands who support us. And yet, this remarkable team has so much more it desires to create and to give—we only need a bigger home and more time.

In God’s providence, back in 2017, generous supporters helped Pacifica purchase a new building at 1499 Monrovia. The two-story building is just 40 yards west of our current campus providing the opportunity to significantly strengthen and increase our learning and community.

Through the ongoing generosity and partnership of Pacifica Patrons, the school broke ground this month on this fantastic new resource for our community. Over the next several months, we will transform this building into our new center for learning, securing Pacifica in the community as an intellectual and spiritual home for generations of young people to come; and a permanent place where we will prepare future thinkers, creators, and contributors for good and faithful work in all of life. Watch for my follow-up email next week for a full update on this amazing project.


From this strong foundation, our team is now preparing a vision and bold plan—Pacifica 2025—that will guide the school for the next five years. Throughout the remainder of this year, we will carefully review our current strategic position, consider the needs of our future learners, and form a roadmap to position Pacifica as one of the best schools of its kind by its tenth year of operation. We will place specific attention on enriching our programs and operations as well as ongoing professional development further cultivating a posture and culture of strategic thinking and decision-making.

This is an exciting season for Pacifica. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of friends and supporters who have contributed to our success. And a special mention of our board, faculty, and staff is most worthy. They are a dedicated and talented group of men and women whose faith, virtue, and love are deserving of our admiration and respect. Thank you! Thank you all!

I hope you will join us in giving thanks for God’s continued provision for Pacifica. We humbly ask for your prayers as we seek to move our beloved school forward this year and in the years to come—for the good of our community and for God’s glory!

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