May 7, 2015

Pacifica Hires Founding Mathematics Teacher

Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County announced today the hiring of Mr. Andrew Masters as Pacifica’s Mathematics Department Chair. Mr. Masters currently teaches mathematics at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (CVCS) where he teaches courses such as Honors Pre-Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra I.  During his tenure, Mr. Masters established the school’s first AP Statistics program and boasts a 94% passing rate on the AP Test, with 41% of those students scoring the highest score possible.

“Mr. Masters leads students to understanding fundamental mathematic principles by fostering inquiry and dialogue through problem-based learning,” says Dr. Ben Roberson, Principal. “His students not only score exceptionally well on AP exams, but also learn how to problem solve with transferable skills such as reason, logic, and determination.”

We encourage you to learn more about Mr. Masters by reading his biography below.

Mr. Andrew Masters
Mr. D. Andrew Masters grew up in North Carolina and Texas moving to Southern California when he began junior high. Following high school, he attended Pepperdine University where he received his B.S. in Mathematics. While at Pepperdine, he was a regular guest lecturer at events and conferences on various topics including number theory and probability. He is proud to be a founding member of Pepperdine’s Switzerland International Program, where he represented his school to the community and helped create a new satellite location for the Pepperdine Humanities Program. While studying both mathematics and art history in Europe, Mr. Masters developed a pedagogy for teaching mathematics rooted in student-inquiry, collaboration, problem solving.

Mr. Masters has taught junior high and high school mathematics at CVCS where he established the school’s first AP Statistics Program. Of the students who took AP Statistics, 94% passed the AP Exam, and 41% of those students scored the highest score possible. Additionally, Mr. Masters has significant experience designing courses for the purpose of earning “a-g” Course List approval from the Regents of the University of California. Mr. Masters has served as the faculty advisor for the California Scholastic Federation and also speaks frequently in chapel.

What Mr. Master loves most about teaching is seeing students achieve new heights in mathematics, especially in areas that they have previously been unsure of themselves. Mr. Masters is excited to join the Pacifica Team as Mathematics Department Chair. He looks forward to working with the student body in this unique opportunity to build something amazing for the community to benefit from for years to come.

Mr. Masters is currently earning his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies at Vanguard University. He attends St. Matthew’s Church in Newport Beach where he leads the Children’s Liturgy Program each Sunday and coordinates leadership scheduling for the church.  He is an avid chess player and enjoys traveling internationally. He and his fiancée are to be married this summer and look forward to an exciting year to come.

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