September 11, 2014

Pacifica–Orange County Announces Campus Location

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce a long-term lease between Pacifica Christian High School and the City of Newport Beach.

883 W. 15th Street has been the site of the West Newport Community Center since 1988 when the former Newport Christian High School campus was sold to the city.  On Tuesday, September 9th, the Newport Beach City Council unanimously approved a long-term lease with Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County, including a first right for purchase should the city decide to sell the property.  Last month the Zoning Administrator approved the school’s use permit, setting the school in motion to begin a campus overhaul in time for the school’s fall 2015 launch.

“The announcement of our new campus marks a major milestone in the school’s history,” said David O’Neil, Head of School, “and we are eager to get to work on our plans for campus beautification and renovation.”

“Our new campus provides a long-term gymnasium solution for our school and is a fantastic addition to the entire Orange County community,” said board member and Facilities Committee head David Bahnsen.

Beautification and remodeling will begin immediately at the new campus. The school’s administrative team will continue to work off-site while the school offices are being remodeled. The Pacifica leadership team plans to begin working on-site in early November.

CampusIn addition to securing a founding campus, Pacifica has spent a considerable amount of time re-thinking classrooms. In preparation for next fall, Pacifica is outfitting its classrooms with mobile furniture and modern technology.  Mobile furniture allows teachers to change the physical space of any classroom in a matter of seconds.  This furniture provides Pacifica teachers with the flexibility to utilize multiple instructional modes within a single class period—speaking directly to the various learning styles of each student.  The furniture also adapts to the learner, providing students with a more comfortable and personalized learning space.  A state-of-the-art network infrastructure will be installed over the next 10 months–ensuring the successful launch of the school’s 1:1 iPad and Connected Learning programs.

Pacifica provides its students with a complete educational experience in relationship with teachers of faith who develop disciplines, encourage curiosity, equip them to achieve success, and inspire a love for learning.  The 15th Street campus provides a dynamic setting to accomplish this mission.

Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County is an independent, liberal arts, college-preparatory school opening in the fall of 2015 with freshman and sophomore classes. You can click here to learn more about the admission process to Pacifica.

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