July 9, 2015

Pacifica-Orange County Unveils New Crest

As we prepare to open our doors in August, we are pleased to introduce our new crest.  Unique to our school in coastal Orange County, the crest communicates our priorities and foundation.

The orange cross unifies each section of the crest and brings together all of the elements. The cross is a sign of the crucifixion, the high price Jesus paid for our salvation. Pacifica’s motto of grace and truth is written in Latin beneath the crest and is the foundation for school culture. Within the shield, four symbols are highlighted:

  • Lion – The lion is known for its dauntless courage and impressive strength. In Christianity, the lion represents Christ—who came full of grace and truth.
  • Bible – The Bible symbol represents the living Word of God and is the final authority for Christian faith and practice.
  • Anchor – Pacifica selected the anchor to represent living well. The anchor is a symbol of salvation, hope, steadfastness, stability, and confidence.
  • Torch – Pacifica selected the torch to represent thinking well. The torch reflects knowledge and wisdom, illuminating both the mind and the spirit. 


We pray that our foundation will be deeply rooted in all that is good, all that is beautiful, and all that is true. We invite you to join us in the great adventure that lies ahead.

In the coming weeks and months, we will transition to our unique brand identity. We are thrilled to implement this fresh new look that represents our mission of thinking and living well—founded on 2,500 years of excellence in teaching and learning!

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