Parent Instructions for Accepting Re-Enrollment Contracts & Financial Agreements

Parent Instructions for Accepting Your Pacifica Enrollment and Financial Agreement

  1. Log in to MyPacifica:
  2. Click on the Yellow Alert that reads “You have: 1 Contract(s) to Accept.” Please note, families with multiple students at Pacifica may have multiple contracts to accept.
  3. You will be taken to the Files & Forms page where you will see a green “Review” box to click on the right of your student’s name. Families with multiple students at Pacifica will have a files and forms section for each student with a separate green box for each contract that needs to be reviewed and signed. 
  1. Next, you will arrive at the Smart Tuition Account Setup page. Families who are new to Pacifica must click on the selection that reads “No, I do not already have a Smart Tuition Account…” Please note: Pacifica requires all families to use the Smart Tuition platform for tuition payments, even if families choose to pay their tuition in one installment. In order to maintain the highest standards, Pacifica utilizes Smart Tuition to collect all tuition and fees throughout the school year.
  2. Click on the blue “Continue to contract” box.
  3. Next, you will be taken to the actual Agreement where you will progress through several tabs. Please note that legally separated parents who require separate payment accounts must select the appropriate box on the first page of the Agreement. This option is highlighted in blue and can be seen in the image below. Furthermore, accounts can only be split 50/50. No other options are available. Finally, Pacifica Christian will request valid supporting documentation from any parents who select the “split accounts” option.
  1. As seen in the image above, the first section of the Agreement lists the student’s information as well as the tuition, any financial assistance awarded, and mandatory school fees.
  2. The Enrollment Agreement section contains all of the legal requirements of the Agreement and should be reviewed carefully before signing.
  3. For the upcoming school year, Pacifica will be offering the following payment options:

    1. Full Payment: Due on June 1
    2. Semi-Annual: Two installments on June 5 and December 5 (includes fee of $400)
    3. Monthly: Eleven installments beginning June 5 (includes fee of $750)

    A sibling discount of 5% off the second student and 10% off of any additional students will be automatically credited to your Smart Tuition account.
  1. A final review section reiterates the information presented in prior sections.
  2. The Deposit section must be completed before the Agreement can be finalized.
  3. The Confirmation section is where you will finalize and submit your Agreement. Once you click the “Submit” button you will see the image below. It is very important that you allow the submission process to finish before you close your browser.

If you experience any difficulty in the process of submitting your Agreement, please contact Luis Garcia or Kellie Hernandez at (949) 887-2070.

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