Senior Projects

Applying learning in a real world context

An opportunity for Seniors to apply their Pacifica experience outside of the classroom

Senior Projects

Senior projects are an opportunity for students to depart from the traditional school day to broaden their learning outside the classroom. Each senior is encouraged to follow a passion and engage in activities that entail adventure, creativity, curiosity, the use of various life-skills, and/or community service.

Students have two weeks to focus on furthering the pursuit of an interest they have gained as a result of some aspect of Pacifica’s program (academic, artistic, athletic, assembly, chapel, etc.), by gaining hands-on experience in an off-campus environment. All projects will be a minimum of 60 hours (30 hours per week). Projects should typically fit—but are not limited to—one of the following categories:



A senior student may plan and execute a significant outdoor adventure such as long-distance, multi-day bike trip, camping trip, or hike.



A senior student may engage in the creation of an artistic project.



A senior student may pursue an area of significant interest and delve into a research project or entrepreneurial endeavor.


Life Skills

A senior student may be an apprentice or intern in a work environment.


Service to Others

A senior student may orient their project towards the community, involving work for a non-profit service organization, whether cultural, religious, political, or environmental.

2018 Senior Project


2018 Senior Project


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