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Pacifica Christian High School is a place where student artists learn what is true and beautiful. In coming face to face with the greatness found in classics, students become connectors. Students connect with the past  – and graduate from our school ready to impact the future – prepared by an arts department faculty that is uniquely equipped to inspire them. As professional artists and scholars, they understand that the fine arts do much more than merely pose vital questions and answers about our world. In our first virtual gallery, you will see captivating evidence that Pacifica students are thriving in their journey of discovery, and in the process, becoming creators that will change the world. Enjoy meeting our students through their work, and be refreshed by the unique lessons that art holds for you. We welcome you, and we thank you!


About the Gallery

Digital Arts is a 4-year program compiled of all four grades. In these four years, students are exposed to the history of photography, design, and film, while learning in tandem with the Adobe Creative Suite. At Pacifica Christian, we emphasize that the knowledge of these programs is simply another tool for our students to communicate their creativity digitally – a skillset to be envied. The following pieces reflect this year’s learnings (line, shape, color, balance, texture, layout, typography, etc.), including infographics (Digital Arts I), branding, film editing, photoshop, (Digital Arts II-IV), abstract photojournalism (DA III-IV), and a special creative capture of the current COVID19 pandemic. The majority of this work was captured during the “Stay at Home” order, which affirms our student’s tremendous ability and dedication to their art. Well done designers! Enjoy the following pieces completed in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

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The Fine Arts is made up of students from all levels of the Pacifica program, from freshman to seniors. They bring with them a love for the creative arts and, often, a raw talent that is only just beginning to be exercised. The opportunity to stretch their skills and overcome inhibitions with paint and ink has opened up new worlds of expression this year and the results speak loudly. The following pieces are but a few examples of the works that have flowed out of the art room and the homes of our artists this semester. They have overcome adversity through quarantine and crafted pieces that make us all proud to be Tritons this year. The pieces showcased here represent the work of students in AP Studio Art as well as Drawing and Painting I and II. Several types of media were used in these projects, including pencil, acrylic, India ink, line and wash with pen and watercolor, and portraits of mixed media, gathered from found items at home. Join us in appreciation of the Divine spark of creativity observable in the craft of these fine artists.

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Pacifica Arts Faculty

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