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Summer at Pacifica 2020

Welcome! Summer at Pacifica is an opportunity for middle and high school students to experience a taste of Pacifica through the arts, athletics, and academics. Pacifica’s own faculty and coaches will be leading classes and camps that serve to teach young men and women to think critically and wisely, instilling heartfelt joy and interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.


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Academics - Enrichment Courses

We are pleased to offer courses that strengthen skills, enrich understanding, and prepare for the college application process. These courses are not for credit. These courses are for students entering or in high school.

Algebra I Prep | Students Entering Algebra I
8/3-8/7 | 8AM-11AM | $300
Our Algebra Readiness Class is designed to help students be fully prepared for students entering Algebra I. Reinforcing foundational concepts from pre-algebra and giving students a head start on some of the more challenging topics from the first semester this class will help freshman start off on the right foot.

Algebra 2 Prep | Students Entering Algebra II
8/3-8/7 | 8-11AM | $300
Bridge the gap between Algebra I and II with this Algebra II prep course! Revisit algebra topics, hone your math skills, and set yourself up for success!

Transitional Writing | Rising 9th Graders
8/3-8/7 | Noon-2PM | $200
This course will boost student confidence in their ability to plan and compose an insightful 9th-grade level essay. We will discuss skills such as argumentative writing, sentence construction, and use of outside resources so students can be prepared for their first high school assignments.

Poetry Writing | Rising 9th-12th Graders
8/3-8/37 | Noon-2PM | $200
A great poet once said that “poetry is the best words in the best order.” Another said that a poet “is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.” That’s where we’ll start. In this class, you’ll read and write poetry, moving from imitation to creation. We’ll come a few steps closer to knowing how poetry opens a door to wisdom, grows us as contributors, and gives new meaning to thinking and living well.

College Bootcamp | Open to Seniors
8/3-8/4 | 9-12:30 | Free
Taught by Pacifica College Counselor Jennifer Brase, this course is designed for 12th-grade students who are preparing for the college admissions process. During this workshop, students will set up and fill out on-line applications, including the UC, Cal State, and Common Application. Students will learn how to brainstorm effective essay topics and will begin writing their rough drafts. By the end of these two days, students will have a head start on their applications and be ready to start their Senior year. Highly recommended!

Athletic Camps

Pacifica’s Athletic Department will be hosting three camps this summer. Each camp is run by a Pacifica coach and will be hosted in the Triton Event Center. These camps are designed for Middle School and Upper Elementary students.

Boys Basketball | 4th – 8th Grade
7/6-7/9 | 8AM-Noon | $100
This camp is designed to help develop your skills in shooting, passing, ball handling, footwork, as well as individual and team defense. Taught by Camp Director and Head Boys Varsity Head Coach Jeff Berokoff, this camp is open to grades 4th-8th

Girls Basketball 4th-8th Grade
7/14-7/17 | 8AM – 2PM | $100
Pacifica Christian is pleased to announce its first-ever Girls Basketball camp for grades 4th-8th. Led by Pacifica Christian Girls Varsity Head coach, James Parker, come learn skill development, teamwork, and further your knowledge of the game.

Girls Volleyball 6th-8th Grade
7/20-7/23 | 8AM – 2PM | $100
This camp is designed to teach the volleyball skills to players in grades 4th-8th. This is a fun camp that introduces campers to the basic skills of volleyball.

Art Camps

The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Pacifica is thrilled to invite Middle School students to a week of the arts. These camps are led by Pacifica instructors and are designed to be a joy-filled experience.

Shakes Alive | 6-8th Grade
7/6-7/10 | 9AM-3PM | $300
In this action-packed, Shakespeare-filled week, students will learn skills in acting, stage combat, stage makeup, and drawing and painting, all designed to inspire a love and understanding of Shakespeare and a confidence and technique in performing. The week will conclude with a performance and gallery for family and friends. The skills acquired and the love of Shakespeare that is instilled will prepare students for a successful school year!

Drawing and Painting | 6-8th Grade
8/3-8/7 | 9AM-Noon | $250
The drawing and painting camp experience will include lessons in drawing, leading to a student-created water color painting and an acrylic art on canvas. Students will learn techniques ranging from perspective to tone and value. This will be a fun, messy, adventure with great art to show at the end. The skills acquired will last a lifetime.

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