November 25, 2014

Thankfulness:  A foundation for thinking and living well

Every Thanksgiving, before we gave thanks and broke bread, my father would read to us George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. This year, as I prepare to read Washington’s proclamation to my family, I find it incredibly relevant to Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County’s founding.

Washington’s proclamation thanked God for His providence in forming our great nation and prayed for God’s continued protection and favor.  For Washington, thankfulness was critical to our new nation’s ongoing health and success. At Pacifica, we recognize that thankfulness is vital to our school’s founding. We also know we must remain thankful as we strive to achieve our mission of teaching students to think and live well.

Being thankful for every aspect of our lives creates a foundation for thinking and living well. As we become increasingly grateful for our ability to think, reason, and explore the world God created, we become better students. As we grow in appreciation for the people with whom we share life, we become better spouses, friends, and citizens. As we grow in gratefulness for our failures and the trials we encounter—that God is in the process of redeeming—we enjoy a deeper experience of peace. As we grow in our gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we experience true joy.

It is nearly impossible to do life well, to do school well, to do anything well, without this true and authentic spirit of thankfulness.

As Pacifica begins its good work of teaching students to think and live well in Orange County, we must do so with thankful hearts. This year, and for the years to come, I encourage each one of us to live abundant and joyful lives anchored in giving and receiving thanks. As we respond to everyday events in our lives, may we fight for joy, experience true grace, and extend compassion and understanding to one another. May we become increasingly thankful.  Only then will we begin thinking and living well.

David_oneilOn behalf of the Pacifica community, I give thanks for all that God has provided, and commit to using the talents and skills we have been given for God’s glory and the good of this community!

With thankfulness,

David O’Neil
Head of School
Pacifica-Orange County

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