Face Coverings & PPE

Each student will receive three Pacifica branded cloth masks; additional Pacifica cloth masks will be available for purchase at the front office for $10. Only Pacifica branded masks from the school or these blue disposable procedural masks are permitted to be worn by students. Students also have the option to wear an N95 mask (without branding) if recommended by their doctor.

For faculty, when face coverings cannot be used for pedagogical reasons, a face shield can be used instead of a cloth face covering while in the classroom as long as the wearer maintains physical distance from others. 

Masks may not be medically tolerated by certain populations (i.e. those with underlying lung conditions, asthma, allergies). If the student or staff is not able to wear a mask, a doctor’s note is required to release them from this requirement.

Face Coverings

In the Classroom

Commensurate with current CDPH guidelines, Pacifica students and staff are required to wear masks in the classroom.

Outside the Classroom

Students and staff are required to wear masks at drop-off and pick-up, on the second-floor landings, stairwells, and in the gymnasium (unless eating lunch).

Students and staff are not required to wear a mask when eating or while seated outside and able to physically distance, such as in the Commons – which comprises all outdoor seating and common space. Proper physical distancing should be maintained at all times when outdoors.

Office Space

Masks are required in the office when physical distancing is not feasible. Even while maintaining distancing, masks are to be readily worn by a staff member(s) at the request of another staff member(s) in any indoor office or classroom scenario.

For visitors & Outside Vendors

All outside vendors and visitors are required to follow the same guidelines as staff and students.

Proper Use and Maintenance of Cloth Masks

A mask should fit snug to the face at the edges, to prevent particles from escaping or entering, and it should cover your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. It should wrap under the chin and be secured there, not hang loosely. The mask should also fit snugly against the sides of one’s face.

One should wash their hands before putting on a mask, make sure one can breathe easily, and not touch the mask. The mask accumulates contaminants and is supposed to catch virus particles, so if one touches the mask, one would contaminate one’s hands. One may also shift the mask out of place, causing it to fit improperly. After removing a mask, one should wash their hands. Additionally, cloth masks should be washed at the end of each day with warm or hot water.

Other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The school has a sufficient supply of gloves for staff use (2500 each of medium and large gloves). Safety glasses and face shields will be made available for those employees that request them.


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