Sickness & COVID Cases

Pacifica has expanded the role and responsibility of the Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine and Campus Health, Mr. Ron Samson, to monitor and oversee the management of illnesses this year. 

Mr. Samson will serve as the staff liaison responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns and positive cases. Mr. Samson is trained to coordinate with parents, students, and staff when a person is asked to return home due to COVID-19 symptoms, may have been in contact  with a positive COVID-19 case, or contracts COVID-19 and must self-quarantine. Mr. Samson can be reached at (949) 887-2070 x 012.

Personal Sickness & COVID Symptoms Guidelines

Scenario 1

1a. COVID-19 Symptoms discovered on campus or at home (eg. fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing). See option 1 or 2.


1b. Students or staff experiencing sickness without COVID-19 Symptoms follow Option 2.


  • Send or remain home and teach/learn from home via Zoom when possible. Student contacts Ron and  should wait in isolation tent until picked up. Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine and Campus Health 


  • OPTION 1: Test for COVID-19. If positive, see #3, if negative, see #4.  
  • OPTION 2: Remain home and monitor symptoms. 
  • If symptom-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever suppressants (eg. Tylenol, Advil, etc.), students/staff may return.
  • If symptoms persist for 3 days, students need a note from a primary care physician clearing a return to campus.

Scenario 2


Someone in same household with a confirmed case of COVID-19

  • Send or remain home and teach/learn from home via Zoom when possible
  • Inform the school of the situation
  • Recommend that family/staff consider sharing with those who have been in close and prolonged contact with student/staff
  • Quarantine for 10 days from last exposure. 
  • Recommend testing (but 10-day quarantine still required). If the test is positive, see #3
  • School/classroom remain open

Scenario 3

Confirmed COVID-19 case infection of student or staff member


  • Send or remain home and teach/learn from home via Zoom when possible
  • The school notifies local and public health department
  • Isolate case and exclude from school for 10 days from symptom onset or test date. 
  • Notify students and staff who may have been within 6-feet for 15-minutes or more with the student or staff member with a positive test. Recommend testing.
  • Disinfect spaces where the case was present.

Scenario 4

Tests negative after symptoms


May return to school 24 hours after symptoms resolve

Positive Case of COVID-19

In the event a faculty member, staff member, or student tests positive for COVID-19, the following measures will be taken:

  • Any person testing positive for COVID-19 will be required to stay home until a medical professional allows for their return to work or school and follow protocols found above.
  • The privacy of any individual testing positive will be maintained in accordance with FERPA requirements.
  • Persons in known close proximity to a person who tested positive for COVID will be notified that they could have been exposed and instructed to monitor themselves closely for the development of symptoms. 

Those who live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should stay home for 14 days after exposure based on the time it takes to develop illness.

Free COVID Testing Available at OC Fair Grounds

In addition to contacting your health provider, free COVID testing is available at the OC Testing SuperSite for qualified individuals by appointment. Click here to learn more

Temporary Campus Closure

In the event of a moderate outbreak, we are prepared to follow CDPH guidelines for a short term campus closure, in order to clean and disinfect thoroughly, communicate with the school community, and coordinate with local health officials. If this occurs, we will continue student learning through Distance Learning and return to campus promptly after we have assessed the situation and taken appropriate measures to halt the spread.

According to CDPH guidelines, individual school closure is recommended based on the number of cases, the percentage of the teacher/students/staff that are positive for COVID-19, and following consultation with the Local Health Officer. Individual school closure may be appropriate when at least 5 percent of the total number of teachers/student/staff cases are confirmed within a 14-day period.

The Local Health Officer may also determine school closure is warranted for other reasons, including results from public health investigation or other local epidemiological data.


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