April 29, 2015

VIDEO: Why We Teach English—or anything for that matter

At Pacifica Christian, we’re launching “The Great Conversation” (TGC), and we want you to join in.  We’ve designed TGC to allow our students and our community to participate in a dialogue that will transform the way we live, study, work, and engage the world—or, stated another way:  how we think and live well.

TGC will involve online postings and videos, guest lecturers in Pacifica classrooms, public symposia on topics of interest, salon-style events with Pacifica faculty members, and major community speaking events. TGC speakers will include Pacifica educators, visiting professors, marketplace and non-profit professionals, public officials, and church leaders.

Ultimately, through TGC we learn that all parts of life matter to God, including entering into a good conversation with our neighbors—whether or not we always agree. It is with this understanding that we encourage our community to pursue learning, relationships, careers, and life.  And we encourage our students in the training of their minds, the engaging of their world, and their faithfully leading wherever they are called.

I know you will enjoy this brief video of Hayden Butler, Pacifica’s English Department Chair, discussing the importance of teaching English—or teaching any subject at all for that matter.

All the best,

David K. O’Neil
Head of School

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