April 15, 2016

WASC Accrediting Committee Visits Pacifica 

Dear Pacifica Community,

Today, Pacifica hosted an accrediting committee from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). I am delighted to announce the visit was hugely successful. The committee spent the day in our classrooms speaking with our students, teachers, and parents. They also spent considerable time with Pacifica’s Board of Trustees and administrative team. The WASC committee was incredibly impressed and complimentary of what they observed—and we are grateful for their praise of our school.

Below are specific areas of achievement the WASC committee highlighted from their visit:

  1. Uncommon dedication to the school’s mission; a dedication shared by students, parents, the teaching staff, the site leadership, and the governing board.
  2. Dedicated and caring staff; the level of commitment to the learning process and to the students’ mastering the school’s motto—often quoted by students and parents—“think well, live well.”
  3. Instructional program built on student participation and dialogue that develops deep understandings of the course contents.
  4. Established culture of a respectful relationship of trust that builds a connectedness within the school and surrounding community and community partners.
  5. Clean, well-maintained, and well-equipped facility.
  6. Careful establishment of a solid fiscal foundation for sustainability.

The school will receive the terms of accreditation in June 2016 at which time a public announcement will be made.

We regard this affirmation with humility, giving thanks to God, and directing our praise to His power and provision. As we celebrate, we will continue to work hard to enact our mission, to strengthen areas of weakness, and to grow our school.

David ONeilPlease join me in publicly thanking Dr. Ben Roberson, Principal, for his leadership with the WASC Initial Application, overseeing the writing of the report, hosting the site visit, and steering all of us in the right direction. Well done, Dr. Roberson!  Well done, Pacifica!

Every member of our community plays a role in the life, vitality, and success of this school. I appreciate and celebrate with each of you this significant milestone in our school’s founding.

Well done, Tritons!

With love and prayers,

David O’Neil
Head of School

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