June 4, 2020

Watch Pacifica’s Reimagined Drive-In Commencement

Originally posted June 4, 2020

The commencement of Pacifica’s Class of 2020 is a significant milestone marking each graduate’s next step into adulthood. We invite you, and our entire community of students, parents, alumni, grandparents, and dear friends to celebrate this momentous occasion from the comfort of your home today, Thursday, June 4, at 7:25 PM. 

Pacifica will be live-streaming this reimagined drive-in outdoor Commencement so the entire community can enjoy our thoughtful and joyful celebration steeped in meaningful narratives and fun surprises. We are confident this will be a commencement we will never forget! 

Link to the Commencement Ceremony:  

Coming soon…

Also, we invite you to watch student speeches from Rebecca Li (our Valedictorian), Allyson Scharrer (our Salutatorian), and Grace Jordan (faculty selection). We are so proud of their dedication and commitment to thinking and living well.

As our community, our nation, and our world are wrestling with incredibly complex issues and experiencing tremendous pain, we pray this commencement of 41 beautiful young people will provide you with hope and joy for the journey ahead. 

With love and prayers,

David O’Neil
Head of School

P.S. We want you to know we gave much thought and careful consideration to ensure the wellbeing of our graduates in the planning and execution of this drive-in outdoor commencement. The utmost care was used in ensuring physical distancing for the 41 graduates, their parents, and our staff. Should you have any questions, please call the school.

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