September 17, 2019

“We Listened and We Felt Their Feelings”

Originally posted September 17, 2019

Sunday, September 15th was a long day, as Sixty-five Pacificans left the school in the morning and returned after dark. They spent the day learning about The Holocaust from those who lived it, and they are the very last generation to hear the truth from the survivors themselves.

Sophmore Maddie Shaves said, “It helped me understand more of what really happened in the Holcaust, and it was emotionally moving.” Anna Steiner agreed, asserting that “It gave me a summary of the Holocaust that was easy to understand, but hard to learn. It showed me not only the lives of mass numbers, but of the individual people themselves, and one of the toughest parts was getting a child’s card at the beginning of the exhibit – as we went through, we learned more and more about our child, and at the end of the experience, we found out whether our child had lived or died.  It showed me the reality of the Holocaust, and what happens when someone shows nothing but hatred. I went away feeling empathyfor the Jewish people, and informed about what truly happened – it is definitely an experince that every person should have.”  Reagan Phillips found it both  revealing and scary that he knew so little about what actually happend.  He said that” passivity is as dangerous as the evil itself  – good people did nothing”.

The guides at The Museum repeatedly shared that the Pacifica kids were fantastic. They said that by the end of the tour they loved them, and when studetns invited them to Pacifica’s fall Gallery and production of The Diary of Anne Frank, they said they would come.  Pacifica is making history – and making sure history does not repeat itself. 

You are invited to attend our the fall event, “A Call to Conscience” on November 1st and 2nd. Your life will be changed, and you may meet a Holocaust survivor. You will become a witness, and the world needs your story.

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