March 20, 2015

What kind of students graduate from Pacifica?

Students who are willing to join the adventure. It starts with a willing heart. The decision simply to open the door is the first step to a life changed forever. When students cross over the threshold again at graduation, they are new and different people. The adventure has changed them. At Pacifica students who come the first day with a willing heart are in for an adventure unlike anything else they’ve ever known.

At Pacifica, students are guided through experiences that prepare their heads, hearts, and hands. Their minds are sharpened because the world needs people who think well—people who can read and think clearly and arrive at true conclusions. Their hearts are cared for, because the world needs people who are compassionate, communal, and attentive to the great needs of our moment in history. Students’ hands are employed in service, outreach, and creative projects because education that does not seek to cultivate goodness and beauty in the world is not worth having. In all of these endeavors, students are pointed to Christ, whose call on their life is the highest good and ultimate destiny. Students are taught to understand better what the call of Jesus means, and how to follow him with their whole being.

At Pacifica, students are called into an adventure, but they are not alone. Teachers, coaches, and administration share the adventure with them. Striving together in grace, students arrive at the end of the journey wise and mature, and equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Hayden Butler
The adventure is about to begin. Will you join us?

Hayden Butler
English Chair

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