Daniel Bellum


Daniel Bellum began his college career studying Classics & Medieval History at the University of New Mexico in his hometown, Albuquerque. After graduating, he continued to pursue his lifelong love of learning by earning a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, with a strong concentration on Latin & Greek Language, Literature, and History. He moved to California to continue his education, earning a Master’s degree in Classics from a graduate program shared jointly by the University of California: Riverside, Irvine, and San Diego campuses.

Mr. Bellum’s extensive time as a student of the Classics allowed him to do many of the things he loves best: read interesting works in Greek and Latin, engage in edifying conversations with strong thinkers, study the ancient world, and teach others about the same subjects. Over the course of his graduate career, he has enjoyed teaching university-level Latin, Greek History, and Roman History courses to undergraduates. He also began to work with high school students as a tutor in the subjects of Latin, SAT Critical Reading, and World History. While studying at UCI, Mr. Bellum met and married his wife Carly, a native of northern California, and they moved near downtown Fullerton.

Previously to working at Pacifica OC, Mr. Bellum greatly enjoyed teaching Latin at Pacifica Santa Monica. During his time there, he created lessons that taught Latin, revealed Roman culture, and connected with the day-to-day lives of his students. At the same time, Mr. Bellum participated in the school community—sponsoring several clubs, going as a trip chaperone to Italy, and leading field trips around southern California.

Mr. Bellum, in addition to his academic pursuits, also has a strong background in international travel and missions. From the time he was a teenager, he has participated in and sometimes led dozens of trips to Mexico and the near East with the aim of serving local churches – teaching English courses, performing community services, helping with summer Bible schools for kids, and supporting local partners as they share the Gospel. These experiences deeply shaped his personality and the way he sees the world, showing him that the Holy Spirit and the love of God can transcend cultural barriers and differences, both abroad and right here in California.

Despite a deep love and respect for Pacifica Christian in Santa Monica, the great distance from his home in Fullerton to that campus led Mr. Bellum to seek employment in Orange County. Mr. Bellum is thrilled to be able to continue supporting the Pacifica Christian vision and excited to participate in the early years of a new school and community at Pacifica—Orange County!


M.A. Classics – University of California, Riverside & Irvine
M.A. Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies – University of New Mexico
B.A. Classical Studies & Medieval Studies Minor – University of New Mexico

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