Educating for
All of Life

Educating the whole person for all of life

Beyond our everyday classroom curriculum, Pacifica students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs designed for students to apply and expand their skills and knowledge outside the classroom. These programs include:

Triton Athletics

Pacifica’s competitive athletic program encourages excellence on the court, field, or pool as well as in life. Pacifica gives the expert and novice athlete a chance to thrive. Everyone is welcome to play, while competition is enjoyable, it is the shared experiences, the hard work to achieve goals, and the service to a team that produce character. Our athletics produce people who are able and willing to work hard, alongside teammates, to succeed.

The Arts

As God is the creator, so humans are meant to be creative. Pacifica Arts gives students the skills and opportunity to express who they are and what moves them as people. In sharing their works to the community they learn to take risks and to add beauty to our world.

Through these experiences, students learn about the beauty of God’s creation and the complexities of human life. Ultimately, they will be empowered to make a meaningful impact on our society and culture.

In the Classroom


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. If you have a desire to build, design, program, troubleshoot, or just learn more about what that all looks like, the STEAM Club is the place for you!

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TGC Honors & Scholars

TGC Honors are three unique pathways to enhance your high school learning. Each path offers a unique senior-study course called TGC Scholars, a one-on-one guided project with a faculty advisor.

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Senior Projects

Senior projects depart from the traditional school day to broaden their learning outside the classroom by following a passion and engaging in activities that entail adventure, creativity, curiosity, the use of various life-skills, or community service.

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Connected Learning

At Pacifica we believe that today’s students must learn to use technology. We train them to use modern means to engage with ideas that have stood the test of time.

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By making conversation into a conscious habit, students improve in their practice of conversing so that, in time, they are no longer thinking about speaking to one another but are simply conversing and experiencing learning by knowing a subject through knowing each other and being known by others as well.

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The Great Conversation

We’ve designed TGC to allow our students and our community to participate in a dialogue that transforms the way we live, study, work, and engage the world—or, stated another way: how we think and live well.

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Beyond the Classroom Travel Program

Beyond the Classroom Travel Program

While the classroom is one part of a student’s development, experiencing the world around us is vital to deepening our understanding of the world. It is only through interacting with the world around us that we can meaningfully engage it and make a lasting impact.

The next Classroom

We are proud that Pacifica students have gone on to succeed at many of the premier colleges and universities across the nation. To learn more about our alumni network and the schools our students have attended, click below.

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