Striving together toward greatness

Through hard work and play, athletics provide an unparalleled experience of being part of a competitive team with a common goal.

It’s not winning together or losing together. It’s striving together, competing together. Competition that changes students for the better.

We work hard. We play hard. We play to win.
We value the unparalleled experience of being part of a competitive team with a common goal.

Pacifica’s competitive athletic program is committed to encouraging excellence on the court or field or water and in life. In a variety of ways, Pacifica engages athletes who may be new to a sport and challenges athletes who are at the top of their games. We provide each student with opportunities to grow in athletic skill, experience high-level competition, and benefit from the camaraderie that comes with school sports.

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At Pacifica, our Athletic Department is built on four tenets:

1. Individual player development

We strive to balance team growth while giving each individual every opportunity to develop their skills to the best of their ability. It is through this balance that each athlete personally feel the connection between hard work and results.

2. Success on and off the field

Simply put, we like to win, and we value the ability to compete well. We also understand our student-athletes are teenagers, so we also strive to set them up for success in their academic, social, family, and spiritual lives.

3. Participation

Pacifica's "no-cut" policy ensures any student, and family, who is willing to commit to the team, work hard, and participate in every practice and team event will have a place on their chosen sport.

Triton Athletics Website

Visit Triton Athletics Website

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