Strategic Plan

Our vision to expand our impact

A Letter from our Head of
School and Chairman

On behalf of the Pacifica Christian High School community, it is our pleasure to introduce Pacifica 2019, Fortis Fundamentum—a strategic vision for Pacifica Christian. We believe thoughtful planning, careful execution, and intentional resource development are critical to any non-profit, and we take these very seriously at Pacifica.

At this exciting time in the school’s history, Pacifica must be a highly nimble, sharply focused, student-first institution. We seek to offer our students a comprehensive, Christian, college-preparatory education. We are confident that executing this three-year strategic plan will allow Pacifica to provide students with a preeminent education that prepares them to think and live well.

Pacifica 2019 includes seven key goals with corresponding initiatives that will guide the Board of Trustees and Administration in successfully developing the school during its founding years. Please click on the orange links to view each of the seven goals in detail.

In the coming months and years, Pacifica’s Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, parents, and supporters will all work together to grow the school and ensure it has a strong foundation for the future.

Join us in giving thanks for God’s continued provision for Pacifica. We ask you to join with us in prayer as we move our beloved school forward.


David K. O’Neil Head of School
Keith Carlson Board Chairman

Goal 1

Staying True to Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Our purpose, mission, and vision are Pacifica’s foundation, and need to guide what, why, and how the school operates. As the school grows, in influence, size, and community involvement, we must remain committed to our founding beliefs.

GOAL I: Faithfully and consistently teach, convey, enrich, and celebrate Pacifica’s purpose, mission, and vision with all Pacifica stakeholders—students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and supporters.



  • Enhance communication of Pacifica’s purpose, mission, vision, and student outcomes among students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and supporters.
  • Monitor and review all aspects of the school program for opportunities to better implement and communicate the school’s mission.

Goal 2

School Program

The school program must prepare our students for life in a complex society. We strive to engage and challenge them with a high-quality program, grounded in the liberal arts, that meaningfully integrates the Christian faith throughout all aspects of their lives and their studies.

Goal II: Fully engage and challenge students with a school program that meaningfully integrates the Christian faith and provides our graduates with a foundation for success in college, life, work, and faith.



  • Receive full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the necessary approvals from the Board of Regents at the University of California and the College Board in the first academic school year (2015-2016).
  • Review and enhance all academic departments ensuring curriculum, handbooks, use of technology, and teaching practices align with the school’s purpose, mission, and vision.
  • Develop an annual-review process for curriculum, student progress, and instruction to measure school-program effectiveness and maintain high levels of excellence and innovation.
  • Incorporate the use of technology and active furniture in the academic program to enhance the students’ ability to learn, rather than becoming distractions.
  • Expand course offerings in all disciplines through additional on-campus and on-line courses, partnerships with colleges and universities, and offering concurrent-credit course options.
  • Continue to add new sports, develop coaches, secure and improve athletic facilities, and enhance the Triton athletic culture and experience for all student-athletes and spectators.
  • Continue to add new arts electives while enhancing the culture and experience while maintaining a cycle of practice, exhibition, and critique for Pacifica artists and audiences.
  • Develop and refine Pacifica’s Chapel and Small Groups programs to help students apply their faith to what they learn and experience in life.

Goal 3

Students, Faculty, and Staff

We seek to attract, educate, and graduate well-equipped students from all backgrounds who: understand the world, communicate well, enjoy learning, have and maintain true friendship, and live faithfully.

GOAL III: Recruit, retain, and train students from all neighborhoods who seek to have the highest standards of character, academic aptitude and skill, emotional health, and a desire for the distinctive community provided by the Pacifica program. Attract, reward, and encourage dedicated teachers and staff who embody our purpose, mission, and vision.




  • Further refine messaging on school programs and curriculum to clearly articulate Pacifica’s true distinctives to prospective families.
  • Develop and implement an annual marketing strategy to increase enrollment.
  • Strengthen relationships and seek further collaboration with K-12 educational institutions in Orange County.
  • Better utilize and communicate the school’s tuition-assistance program to mission-appropriate students.
  • Provide students with additional opportunities for academic support and campus involvement.
  • Develop a program dedicated to successfully transitioning incoming students into Pacifica.
  • Establish professional offices for college and academic counseling.

Faculty and Staff

  • Review and refine recruitment strategies to attract new teachers, staff, and coaches who embody Pacifica’s purpose, mission, and vision.
  • Cultivate and preserve a work environment of unity and purpose centered around Pacifica by providing ongoing professional development through retreats, conferences, professional-learning communities, summer study, mentoring support, and guest speakers.
  • Investigate and develop new incentive programs for faculty members to encourage their long-term professional, personal, and spiritual goals.
  • Strengthen relationships with like-minded colleges, universities, and schools, including maintaining a strong relationship with Pacifica Christian High School in Santa Monica.

Goal 4


Pacifica alone does not teach students to think and live well. We work alongside families, churches, parachurch ministries, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations to provide a multipronged approach to student development.

Goal IV: Cultivate a community that encourages and develops students into whole people while providing opportunities for academic, co-curricular, personal, and spiritual development for students and the broader community.



Campus Culture

  • Increase Pacifica’s focus on developing the whole person; providing students with opportunities for academic, co-curricular, personal, and spiritual development. Also, create a school-wide initiative focused on service learning, leadership development, and global and local engagement.
  • Develop a school-wide culture that cultivates a vibrant student-life experience and promotes healthy and balanced living among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Embody our school motto—Thinking and Living Well—by maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in an atmosphere of joy, honesty, and personal responsibility for members of the school community.

School Community – “Stakeholders”

  • Establish and develop a Parent Association and other opportunities for regular and meaningful engagement with Pacifica families and alumni.
  • Identify and establish partnerships with local educational institutions, churches, parachurch ministries, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations to develop and enhance the school program.


Orange County & Beyond

  • Increase the educational and conversational impact The Great Conversation (TGC) has on the community through future TGC offerings and greater collaboration with community members and institutions.
  • Develop relationships with like-minded churches, parachurch ministries, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations to provide opportunities for Pacifica students in the areas of service, travel, and leadership and character development, and to share best practices on institutional and employee advancement and leadership.

Goal 5


During these founding years, Pacifica has a campus that is well maintained, appropriately equipped, and attractive to current and prospective students.

GOAL V: To maintain and increase the school’s campus as school growth requires and is capable of supporting and enhancing all aspects of the Pacifica program.



  • Maximize the current and future use of the 15th Street campus to allow for healthy and sustained student-enrollment growth.
  • Further beautify and modernize the 15th Street campus.
  • Create a “Master Planning Document” to describe all minimum needs for the school’s long-term facilities.
  • Investigate all properties that adequately meet Pacifica’s needs as it grows enrollment to 400 students.

    1. Raise the funds necessary for property acquisition (entitlements, CUP, property holding, architects/engineers, etc.) and operations for additional facilities.

  • Identify and cultivate public/private and non-profit partnerships for facilities, shared-use opportunities, and field space.
  • Analyze and define objectives for the campus’s summer and off-hour usage that are consistent with the school’s mission.

Goal 6

Finances and Financial Aid

From its initial dependence on a small donor base to meet its facility costs, program expenses, and financial aid initiative, Pacifica will develop a broad-based support structure that creates long-term stability for the school.

GOAL VI: Develop a long-range financial plan that broadens the school’s financial support base, prepare for a capital campaign for future facilities, and establish an endowment for financial assistance. Increase the percentage of operational costs paid for by tuition dollars and decrease the amount needed from donors.



  • Develop a long-range plan that broadens the school’s financial support base to ensure the school’s mission for decades to come.
  • Create a three-year financial plan that focuses on funding the strategic plan’s goals and works in concert with a forthcoming capital campaign. Also, implement policies necessary to provide day-to-day oversight for sound financial management.
  • Operate an annual development calendar that meets the school’s financial needs while significantly growing its community support.

    1. Develop an annual-fund campaign that seeks 100 percent participation from alumni, parents, staff, and board, developing a community culture of giving.

  • Increase student enrollment and tuition dollars to fund operational needs.
  • Establish an endowment to help fund tuition assistance, program development, and continued classroom excellence and innovation.

Goal 7

Governance and Leadership

Implementing this plan begins the compelling next phase in establishing Pacifica. As the school grows and continues to prosper, the Board of Trustees will ensure that the mission, core beliefs, and initiatives are prayerfully, consistently, thoughtfully, and strategically implemented. Through the direction of the Board and its committees, the Head of School and the School Leadership Team will successfully execute the school’s mission and vision.

GOAL VII: Strengthen and grow the Board of Trustees and its committees to successfully implement each initiative of the Strategic Plan.



  • Add new members to the Board of Trustees, and its committees, who a) whole-heartedly agree with Pacifica’s purpose, mission, and vision; b) whose faith, skills, knowledge, and expertise align with the mission of Pacifica; and c) who meet specific needs in its development.
  • Evaluate and amend Pacifica’s bylaws to incorporate best practices as recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools.

    1. Align the structure of the Board of Trustees and its committees in accordance with the bylaws; increase committee membership; and establish additional committees, as needed, to meet the Strategic Plan’s seven initiatives.

  • Regularly monitor the execution of the Strategic Plan and amend the plan if needed.
  • Encourage and celebrate the benevolence of each member of the Pacifica community.
  • Establish professional policies and procedures for financial controls, financial assistance, human resources, marketing, and development.

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