Thinking and Living Well

From our Foundation, We Build their Foundation

Thinking and living well is powerful; it changes both how we see the world and live in it. It also produces confidence and joy. The better students think, the better they know how to live, work, and engage the world. But more than just growth in knowledge, we want them to see more clearly, act more justly, love more lavishly, and enjoy the journey ahead.

It starts with purpose

Pacifica Christian is a liberal arts high school devoted to teaching young men and women to think critically and wisely, instilling heartfelt joy and interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.

Comes to life in culture

We are intentional about every aspect of our shared life together. And there are six cultural behaviors we live by:

  • Ask good questions
  • Learn from others
  • Fail forward
  • Assume the best
  • Pursue balance
  • Act with conviction and compassion

Is formed in practice

Pacifica's intentional approach to teaching and learning is grounded in these five beliefs:

  • The Liberal Arts and Sciences cultivates human flourishing
  • Relationships anchor formation
  • Curiosity drives conversation
  • Learning blooms in connected and dynamic spaces
  • Education is fulfilled in service

And results in the Pacifica Person

Every graduate leaves our campus on their own journey, given by God. Having been taught to think and live well, each student is equipped to be a:

  • Contributor
  • Thinker
  • Creator
  • Integrated Disciple
  • Connector
  • Ethical-Decision Maker

A Connected Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary approach deepens each student’s familiarity with the material and creates a broad context for learning. In addition, it brings faculty together in a collaborative process whereby teachers understand and know the breadth and depth of a student’s education.

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Alumni Network

Pacifica has proudly sent alumni to excellent colleges and universities across the nation. To learn more about our alumni network click below.

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